Documentation Tips

Believe it or not, documentation can be both fun and rewarding!   Check out these tips to help you make your documentation even more awesome.
Capture your process, not just the final product

Build in Progress is designed to help you document your project as you're developing it. You'll want to have a camera on hand to capture how your design progresses each step of the way.

This type of process documentation can be really helpful, both for yourself to look back on and for others that are building similar projects!

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Sketch Out Your Ideas
Sketch alternatives, quickly

No need to obsess over how your sketches look. Try to sketch as many ideas as quickly as you can.

Scan your sketches

Scanned sketches are often easier to read than photographed sketches.

Use the power of the Internet

Turn to the Internet for inspiration and upload photos that spark ideas.

Have Your Camera Ready
Try new angles

Capturing your project from different angles can help other people get the full picture.

Eliminate clutter

It's much easier to see your design with a neutral background.

Use video to show action

Capture the movement of your project through video.

Organize Your Project Page
Categorize your project

Add categories to your project to make it easier for others to find.

Group steps into branches

Use branches to organize your project and make it easier to read.

Use branch labels

Branch labels can help people know where to look when checking out your project.