Making a Simple Application

Making a Simple Application

by gnickell2017 tedwards | updated October 02, 2015

My school project to learn basic coding and create a simple application.



  1. Knowledge of C++
    • Learning to code has been the inspiration for this project, as I have always been curios about it, and my project is more so about learning C++ than creating an application. However, I still want to apply and display my learning, thus my reason for creating an application. 
    • My reasoning for choosing C++ as my initial programming language is for the fact that it is not extremely complicated, and I worked with it several years ago, (though, in relearning the language, I have found that I remember very little.)
    • Currently I am learning C++ at http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/.
  2. A C++ Compiler
    • A C++ compiler is comparable to a Word Doc, but for coding instead of writing. The compiler allows you to write in C++ as well as giving a display of the program's execution.
    • For learning C++, I am using an online compiler. The site is http://cpp.sh/.
    • For future applications, I will be using XCode, as I own a Mac.
  3. Creativity
    • Currently I am exploring what type of application I want to make, and for that reason, creativity is needed.
    • At the moment, I am considering something simple such as a unit converter, but in the future I may pursue something slightly grander.

October 1, 2015 at 1:37 PM
Created by gnickell2017
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Originally, my plan was to make comething more complex than a simple application; however, as previously stated, my knowledge of C++ is far more lacking than I had previously anticipated. Thus, I decided to dedicate a majority of my project to learning the language and making a unit converter. Other problems I have faced, have come from actually learning C++; though I go into more detail on that in the next step.

October 2, 2015 at 12:45 PM
Created by gnickell2017
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What type of unit converter are you building? Will it be for metric to imperial? Any specific application you're designing this for? Looks like you're making important headway!
about 1 year ago

Learning C++ has been a really enjoyable thus far. As I personally really enjoy writing, it reminds me a lot of grammar and how certain punctuations are need for the reader, or in the case of C++, the program to actually understand what you're writing. Of course, math is also interspersed throughout coding; however, the mechanics of coding itself have been rather easy for me. The true trouble comes from multiple issues, my relience on other sources for C++ statements, and the time constraints of school and class time that make memorizing and learning these statements difficult. Though, very little else has been particularly troubling, at least that I didn't mention in the "Problems Thus Far" step.

October 2, 2015 at 1:16 PM
Created by gnickell2017
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You made a cool connection to grammar and literature. I wonder what it would look like to code your next creative writing project? Or poetry using C++ syntax !
about 1 year ago